Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson, FRAeS

Business Development Manager

Harry is a seasoned and experienced aviation specialist whose career has more than 50 years and for over 50 years he has been learning about Training, Flight Test, Human Factors and Management but mainly about people. Now is the time to give back some of that knowledge and experience so that we can turn our collective dreams, of a safe, people focused industry, into a reality.

Harry commenced his career at the Royal Air Force where he started to develop his passion for understanding human behavior in aviation and for improving Human Performance through design and leadership. This was followed by a period at British Aerospace (now – BAe Systems) and then by Airbus where he joined the Airbus Product Safety Department as their Executive Operational Advisor. 

Here, he was drawn back into the world of Human Performance as he was asked to analyze several of the serious incidents and accidents that had occurred in the past, with a view of trying to look forward in a predictive sense so that future accidents and incidents could be avoided.


  • FRAeS
  • Experimental Test pilot as Airbus
  • Experimental Test Pilot, ETPS- Empire Test pilots School.
  • RAF instructor (Jet provost & Vulcan)
  • RAF Pilot
"For over 50 years I have been learning about people. What makes us ‘tick’, what excites us and what we need to perform at our best individually and in a team, and what doesn’t work so well in a human sense. Many industries suffer a general undervaluation of the contribution that well-led people can deliver to their businesses. We seek to change that perception”
Harry Nelson