Investigations and Safety Surveys

Investigations and Safety Surveys

Most safety-critical organisations have systems for event reporting, incident investigation, and lesson learning. 

However, even mature systems related to these functions face several challenges and safety experts agree that traditional approaches to improving safety are coming up against the laws of diminishing returns. 

QOE looks towards other leading safety indicators to help them understand safety and human performance. 

Our experience in Safety Survey methodology allows us to look at good practices by all operational staff in various aviation environments. 

Our Associates have been involved in: 

  • Incident and Accident investigations in both Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the flight-deck, and research and investigation development with Airways, New Zealand, Air Services, Australia, Air New Zealand, Ansett, QANTAS Airways, UK, National Health Service proposing mitigations to avoid reoccurrence 
  • Work groups and task forces associated with runway safety, collaborative decision making between ATC-Flight deck, team-working and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) 
  • Development of several safety and Just Culture protocols 
  • Conducted investigations and developed safety tools and techniques for ECAC States in partnership with HERA program
  • Investigation and safety management of UAV’s
  • Research on human factor implications of airline fuel policies