Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts

Safety Management and Regulations Manager

Simon Roberts designed and developed the UK CAA SMS oversight methodology including the SMS evaluation tools and guidance material. He was a member of the Safety Management International Collaboration Group; leading projects that delivered the SMICG SMS evaluation tool, the senior manager’s role in SMS, safety culture assessment tool, SMS inspector competencies and guidance for implementing SMS in small organisations .

Simon led the EASA team that designed and delivered the EASA Management System Assessment tool. He is the author of the training course for the development and continuous improvement of safety risk management courses as managed by CAA International Ltd both internally and externally. His training includes on the job training carrying out SMS evaluations in industry.

Simon was responsible for leading SMS evaluations on UK entities across all regulatory domains and signing off CAA inspectors for SMS evaluation competencies. He was also a member of the UK State Safety Programme implementation and development team.

He was a Safety Management Panel member and rapporteur for the SMS working group that delivered
Annex 19 2nd edition and the ICAO Safety Management Manual 4 th edition and ICAO Safety Management Expert supporting the development and delivery of SSP and Safety Management Systems.

He was a member of the ICAO Human Performance Task Force that developed the Human Performance Manual for regulators

Simon co-chairs the EASA Human Factors Collaborative Analysis Group and was previously the chair of the European Human Factors Advisory Group.

"For me aviation has always been a passion and I’ve always wanted to ‘make a difference’ in any way that I can. This led me to become a safety regulator with the UK CAA. This got me interested in human factors and how people work. For me, one of the most important ways to make a difference is helping to simplify the complex and translating the theory into practice. Making it easy for people to better understand human factors, organisational culture and safety management and how they all influence people's performance at work. I want to share my extensive experience and expertise to help others on their journey and make aviation even safer."
Simon Roberts